Workforce Solutions


Augmentation Services & Total Talent Management

ATPSG provides the workforce flexibility required to compete on a global level. Balancing the mix of contingent labor, consultants, and independent contractors is critical to meeting the demands of today’s ever-changing business environment. ATPSG provides the best workforce strategies and customized solutions for recruited, transitioned, and referred contingent workers for Industrial, Clerical, Administrative, Professional, IT and Engineering role requirements.

ATPSG’s competitive advantages in the realm of staff augmentation services and Total Talent Management as a whole are numerous and highly beneficial to its clients’ staffing initiatives.

Full-Service Staff Augmentation

ATPSG is a recognized leader in delivering staff augmentation services for organizations that need to outsource management of contingent labor. ATPSG offers companies more than three decades of experience with a flawless financial track record of profitability companies with staff augmentation services spanning every type of skill category and worker classification. ATPSG uses its proprietary Application Tracking System (ATS)- RiteSourceSM that guides the selection, screening, sourcing, and hiring of top talent. With this model, ATPSG consistently delivers the most qualified resources with some of the highest response rates and quickest turnaround times in the industry.

Key Components of ATPSG’s Staff Augmentation Services:

  • Dedicated delivery through Acro’s account management approach.

  • Right talent, timing, and price through our RiteSourceSM

  • Employee relations dedicated to retention.

  • Leading-edge technology.

  • Quality and customer satisfaction.


Payroll Administrative Services

ATPSG has global operations with an extensive client and volume base, with high-touch services to ensure the proper and effective handling of the candidate's experience required by its clients. ATPSG has created a Payroll Service Center of Excellence (COE), comprising of individuals experienced in providing responsive service to clients, pre-identified candidates, recruited candidates, partners, and independent contractors in labor regulations and client policies to assure compliance with all applicable country, regional and local regulations, and policies, including those impacting independent workers and workers requiring Visa assistance. This COE enables ATPSG to scale to any program size while delivering services of the highest quality that meet and exceed client expectations.

HR, Engineering, and IT Consulting Services

ATPSG is a highly qualified global provider of HR, Engineering, and IT consulting services. Through our technology consulting practice, we supply IT expertise to organizations of every size and from every sector. In today's competitive market, ATPSG uses its extensive and diverse network of experts from around the world to develop custom talent acquisition and management strategies for its clients. ATPSG recruiters are experts in people and technology, and they identify and engage with localized talent pools that are largely untapped by ATPSG’s competitors. ATPSG employs regional recruiters from each market who establish relationships with various localized organizations such as colleges and technical schools. With singular focus and drive, ATPSG finds employees with the right mix of experience and skills to help clients succeed.


Independent Contractor (IC) Verification and Compliance

ATPSG has a formal Independent Contractor Compliance Program and has been offering Independent Contractor Compliance services for over 40 years. ATPSG’s formal process includes careful vetting based on the IRS Code for small businesses and self-employed workers. To prevent misclassification, ATPSG ensures that it strictly follows the IRS guidelines for classification of workers and the steps required. ATPSG has developed a step-by-step compliance and screening process that produces consistently accurate results for its clients. ATPSG’s proprietary Independent Contractor (IC) qualification process uses an objective, numerical score-based questionnaire to ensure that 1099 ICs are fully qualified under the law and fully compliant with all client requirements for ICs. ATPSG’s validation technique is comprehensive and reliable, yet objective and easy to administer consistently.